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Thesis advisory committee

The thesis advisory committee includes the supervisor and two other scientists (at least holding a doctoral degree).

The thesis committee provides recommendations/suggestions/views on the student’s work, and promotes interaction and interdisciplinary research. Furthermore, the thesis committee officially monitors the progress of the work and advises the students in their research.

Each student is invited to nominate a thesis committee within the first three months of study (link to form). The selection of the committee's members is made together with the student's supervisor.

This committee may meet for the first time within the first six months of study and thereafter at regular intervals (ideally not exceeding 12 months).

Meetings are normally convened by the student, but can be initiated by any member of the committee.

At the meeting of the thesis advisory committee the doctoral student presents his results in detail and explains the success and the problems and how to proceed, thus e.g. which experiments are planned next. Scientific as well as technical problems may be discussed.

A summary of the committee`s recommendations for the project (link to form) will be filed at the doctoral school.

A thesis advisory committee is highly recommended.


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