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Doctoral School

This page provides information about the handling of the curricular part of the doctoral studies in Chemistry for NAWI Graz students.

The regulations for doctoral studies at Graz University (Uni Graz) and Graz University of Technology (TUG) are slightly different.

Therefore students have to follow slightly differing rules depending on which university they inscribe. This is mainly owing to the different classifications of courses at the two universities.

Whereas Uni Graz differentiates between Compulsory Subjects (Pflichtfächer, PF) and Elective Subjects (Wahlfächer, WF), TUG differentiates between Subject-Specific Basic Modules (Fachspezifische Basisfächer, FB), Scientific Methods and Communication (Wissenschaftliche Methoden und Kommunikation, WMK), and Private Tutorial (Privatissimum). For a summary, see Table 1.

Table 1. Comparison of the Curricular Modules at KFU and TUG


Uni GrazTUG
Pflichtfach:12 SWSFachspezifische Basisfächer: 8 SWS
Wahlfach: 4 SWSWissenschaftliche Methoden und Kommunikation: 4 SWS
Privatissimum: 2 SWS

According to the different classifications the following list indicates the equivalency of the principal courses:

Table 2. Classifications and Equivalence


Uni GrazTUG
LiteraturseminarPF, 1 Std.WMK, 1 SWS
Critical Evaluation of Scientific PublicationPF, 1.33 Std.WMK, 1.33 SWS
Writing a proposalPF, 3 Std. (PF)WMK, 3. SWS
Diss.-Seminar I/ Aktuelle Aspekte der ChemiePF, 2 Std. FB, 2 SWS
Diss.-Seminar IIPF, 2 Std.
Advanced Applied ChemistryWF, 1 Std.FB, 1 SWS
Organisation of scientific eventsWF, 1 Std.FB, 1 SWS
Summer SchoolWF, 1 Std.FB, 1 SWS
Sommerschule2WF, 1 Std.WMK, 1 SWS

1 Abbreviations, see text above

2 This corresponds to "external Summerschools" not the one, which is organized by our Doctoral School on a biennial basis.


QUESTIONS and ANSWERS (hopefully)

What is really compulsory?

„Aktuelle Aspekte der Chemie“ / Dissertantenseminar I and 2x Doc Days/Dissertantenseminar II, whereby at least one lecture must be given. Students of the University of Graz have to earn credits value 8 hours by attending Diss.Seminars I/II or „Aktuelle Aspekte der Chemie“ and have to give at minimum two lectures at Diss.-seminars. Diss.Seminars I/II count several times. At Uni Graz 12 hours of compulsory subjects must be fulfilled.


Can I chose from many courses?

Yes, a list of courses, which are acknowledge for doctoral studies is published on this web site (and is regularly updated)

Do I have to participate at Doc Days and the Summer School organized by the Doctoral School Chemistry

Yes, see above.

Do I have to help organizing Doc Days/Summer Schools?

Actually – no. But if you help organizing such an event, you earn credits (1 SWS) and you learn a lot of things which will be useful for your future. Moreober it is an assess for your CV.


Do I have to decide about all the courses just at the beginning of my doctoral studies?

It is rather helpful having an overview of what you have to fulfill in the course of your doctoral studies. This is the reason why It is sensible to fill a form with the courses you may take. However this is not a fixed list; it allows you to change it during your doctoral studies.




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