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Seminar Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Time:   Friday at 14:00 (s.t.)

Location:  University of Graz, Heinrichstrasse 28
                  LARGE ROOM (Covid‐19) → Hörsaal HS 10.11
                  ground floor (central entrance)

 The seminar is open to students and external guests

Date Speaker                   Title

Thomas Klar

JKU Linz

From STED Nanoscopy via STED Nanolithography to STED Photochemistry



Roland Widmer

EMPA Zürich

Molecular Motor at the Frontier of Classical Motion and Quantum Tunneling


Ulrich Hohenester

Uni Graz

Simulation of Optics and Plasmonics at the Nanoscale


Maren Podewitz

Uni Innsbruck

Unravelling Reaction Mechanisms and Reactivity of Complex Systems by Computational Chemistry


Boris Maryasin

Uni Wien

Computational Chemistry and Organic Synthesis: Let Us Build a Bridge!


Karin Zojer

TU Graz

Explaining Charge Carrier Mobility Regimes in Amorphous Materials


Heinrichstraße 28/V 8010 Graz
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Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9850

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