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Seminar Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Time:   Friday at 14:00 (s.t.)

Location:  University of Graz, Heinrichstrasse 28, 5th floor, room 0092 (Besprechungsraum)

 The seminar is open to students and external guests

Date Speaker                   Title

Stefan Kowarik

Uni Graz

Real‐Time X‐ray Observation of Functional Molecular Materials



Anna Maria Coclite

TU Graz

Designing Surface Modifications for Functional and Responsive Thin Films



Ellen Backhus

Uni Wien

A Molecular View of Soft Matter at Interfaces  by Surface‐Specific Vibrational Spectroscopy



Eva M. Herzig

Uni Bayreuth

Grazing Incidence X‐Ray Scattering for  Examination of Structure Formation in Thin Films



Andreas Köhn

Uni Stuttgart

25 Years of Second‐Order Approximate CoupledCluster (CC2) Theory: Going Multireference



Boris Maryasin

Uni Wien

Computational Chemistry and Organic Synthesis: 

Let Us Build a Bridge!



 Roland Mitric

Uni Würzburg

Quantum‐Classical Simulations of Light‐Induced Dynamics: from Isolated Molecules to Light‐Harvesting Supramolecular Aggregates



Julia Kunze-Liebhäuser

Uni Innsbruck

Electrified Cu(111)/Liquid Interfaces:  Laser‐Induced Current Transients and In Situ STM


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