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News from our group

X-Mas Party

Nach 2-jähriger coronabedingter Pause konnten wir endlich wieder eine Bereichsweihnachtsfeier veranstalten. Zuerst flanierten wir an den Adventmärkten und tranken den einen oder anderen Glühwein. Nach einem leckeren Essen im Micasa verschlug es uns ins Immervoll, wo wir den Abend gemütlich beim Billiard spielen ausklingen ließen.

Prof. Ferdinand Belaj - Ruhestand

Nach über 37 Jahren an der Universität Graz geht Herr Prof. Ferdinand Belaj im Oktober 2022 in seinen wohlverdienten Ruhestand. Im Jahre 1985 promovierte er und seit 1987 ist er Teil des Anorganischen Teams und war für die Christallographie am Institut zuständig. Wir wünschen dir, lieber Ferdinand viel Spaß beim Reisen und genieße deine Freizeit.

New apprentice

Welcome Amalia

Amalia Wechselberger joined our team as a laboratory technician apprentice on September 1st. For the next years we wish her all the success.

Kleeblattlauf 2022



Doc Days 2022 – the best talk award goes to:

Dado Rodic won the best talk award for his glorious presentation about his research on finding a homogeneous catalyst based on magnesium and calcium hydrides for the hydrosilylation of CO2. We are very proud of him.

Lara says goodbye

After 3.5 years, Lara passed her final apprenticeship exam and is now leaving us. We thank her for the wonderful time and wish her all the best for the future. The world is now yours Lara.

New master student Christian Schlegl

On the 4th of May Christian joined the Rhenium-Research Team. He will be investigating the reactivity of rhenium complexes towards nitrogen oxides and oxoanions. May the forth be with him and we wish him all the best

New master student Patrik Wind

On May 2nd Patrik re-joined our group. In 2021 he finished his bachelor project in our group and won the Lydia-Peschel Price. Now he will work on hydrosilylation of CO2 with alkaline earth metals coordinated with pyridine-based scorpionate ligands. We are happy to have him back with us and wish him all the best for his master thesis.

New master student Niklas Stix

On April 25th our former BSc-student Niklas re-joined our group to start his Master thesis. He will work on Manganese catalyzed hydrogen transfer reactions. Welcome back Niklas and all the best for your research.

Bachelor students 2021

In 2021 Sandra Zeiner, Vanessa Janze and  Akim Rizk did their bachelor projects in our group.  We had a great time together and thank them for their hard work.

New Master student Julia

On Nov. 22nd 2021 Julia Guggi joined the group to work on her Master thesis project. Under supervision of Jörg she will join Birgit to work on the pyrazole chemistry of Rhenium. We wish her all the best and lots of success.

New apprentice

Welcome Selina

Selina Gausch joined our team as a laboratory technician apprentice on September 1st. We wish her all the best for the next 3,5 years!

New Master student Birgit

On Sep. 27th 2021 Birgit Ömer joined our group as only the second teaching student ever (Lehramt Chemie) to do her Master thesis project. She joined Team Rhenium and will tackle some older standing problems in our oxidorhenium(V) chemistry under supervison of Jörg. We wish her all the best for her journey deep into the coordination chemistry of Rhenium.

Two new Master students

Antonia and David join the group

With the end of February and beginning of March 2021 we could welcome two new Master students to the group. Antonia Reisenhofer will work with Fabian on our novel Mn-chemistry. And David Köpfler joins Jörg in the Re-chemistry project. We wish both Antonia and David a lot of success and patience with their projects.

Tanja passes her final exam

In the last week of February 2021 Tanja Scheer passed her final exams with distinction. After 3.5 years with us, she is now a fully educated lab technician. We wish her all the best for the next steps in her professional career.

Bachelor students 2020

Also in corona year 2020 three students joined our group to do their Bachelor thesis projects. Those were Antonio Paligoric, Christa Hofer and Patrick Wind. We thank them for all the hard work and cake contributions. Christa and Patrick also proofed durability at our little hike at the Vitalwanderweg.

Dado starts his PhD thesis

Almost a year after starting his Master thesis with us, Dado re-joins the group on Dec 7th 2020 as our new PhD student. Besides moving up to the 4th floor he will also switch the topic and take care of our ongoing scorpionate chemistry. Welcome back Dado!

Hiking in southern Styria

Through the vineyards to a Brettljause

Just before the winter term started again we used the nice weather to go for a little (!!!) hiking tour through the vineyards of the Südsteiermark. At the end we treated ourselves with some delicious Sturm and a replenishing Brettljause.

New Master Student

On Aug. 3rd 2020 Elke Huber joined the group again after already doing her Bachelor thesis with us to start her Master thesis project. Also her project is a continuation of her BSc. project as Elke will continue to work on our zinc scorpionate chemistry. We are all very happy to welcome her back. 

Krapfen Tasting 2020

Also this year, we took the occasion of Faschingdienstag or Mardi Gras as an opportunity for a highly scientific Krapfen tasting. Therefore, Krapfen from 11 different commercial vendors were purchased, and after an hour of concentrated sampling, the winners were found:

1. Kern

2. Edegger-Tax

3. Billa

Visitor from Finland

On Feb. 3rd 2020 Pasi Salonen, a PhD student from our collaborator Prof. Ari Lehtonen from the University of Turku, joined our group for two months as a visiting student. Here, we will further explore some of Pasi's puzzling Mo chemistry. Besides being an expert in thermal oven synthesis and quantitative crystallization, Pasi also teaches us a lot about the wonders of the Finnish language, and the real every-day life in Finland

Bachelor students 2019

In the year 2019 we had three students doing their bachelor projects with our group. Those were Florian de Pauli, Kristin Kogler and Niklas Stix. We thank them for their hard work and enjoyed the time together. 

New Master Student Dado

The group keeps growing. We are happy that on Dec. 3rd 2019 Dado Rodic joined our group to do his Master thesis with us. He will join the Mo project and work on some homogeneous catalysis with frustrated Lewis pairs.

New PhD student Lorenz

On Nov 11th 2019, a week after Miljan and Angela joined our group, our former BSc-student Lorenz Steiner returned to us to start his PhD thesis. Lorenz will also work with Tungsten on our ongoing Acetylene Hydratase project. All the best for the next three years!

New PhD students Angela and Miljan

With Nov. 4th 2019, we could welcome two new coworkers to the group. One of them, Miljan Corovic, joins us again. Miljan had already stayed with us for 6 months over spring and summer of 2017 while working for his MSc thesis at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Chemistry. He now re-joined the group to obtain a PhD and will join our ongoing W investigations.

Our second new group member is Angela Milinkovic. She obtained her MSc here at KFU and will be involved in teaching as well as continue our Mo projects. All the best to both of you for the coming years!

New Master student Anna

On Oct. 2nd 2019, Anna Lehrhofer re-joined the group to start her master thesis with us. After already doing an excellent job for her Bachelor thesis with us, we also wish her all the best for her master project. She will look into our Ni-scorpionate chemistry.

Group expedition Lurgrotte

This year's group event took us shortly before the start of the winter term 20 min north of Graz to Peggau. There we had a guided Tour of the Lurgrotte, one of the largest karst caves in the Eastern Alps. After a good 3 h in absolute darkness at a constant temperature of 10 °C, we headed back to Graz to end the day at a local Buschenschank.

MoTEC 2019

Carina wins poster prize

The 9th "Molybdenum and Tungesten Enzymes Conference" (MoTEC) was held this year in Potsdam, Germany from 7th to 12th of July. Our head of group Nadia went together with Carina and Madeleine to present our most recent findings on the W enzyme acetylene hydratase. And we are very happy to report that Carina won the Nature Catalysis prize for her poster. Well done, Carina!

Maternity leave

As Nathalie is currently on maternity leave, we welcome her replacement Elisabeth Peßl, who joined our group on May 2nd 2019. We wish Nathalie all the best for her new family life and Elisabeth for her start in the group.

New PhD student

On April 4th, 2019 Riccardo Bondi joined the group to start his PhD thesis. He comes directly form the University of Pisa, Italy, where obtained his MSc. He will now join our ongoing research project on W chemistry.

New Master student

On Mar. 4th 2019, Sebastian Rücker joined the group to start his Master thesis. This is a premiere for us, as Sebastian is the first teaching student to do a master thesis with us. He will further investigate the chemistry of our thiopyridazine ligands.

Bachelor students 2018

Also this year we had a group of hard working students doing their Bachelor project with us. Those were Wolfgang, Anna, Johannes, Alina, David, Gernot, Dean, Aleksander and Johannes. Beside putting in their valuable time and effort, the group also got to enjoy some delicious cakes, and the bravest ones even joined us in the Kleeblattlauf.

Tricky City

Before the winter term teaching frenzy starts again it was time for some play and fun. This year we went on a scavenger hunt through Graz. And we did pretty well, posting the second fastest time ever!

New Master students and apprentice

On Aug. 27th 2018, Karin Ratzenböck joined our group working on her master thesis. She will continue on Mike's Zn chemistry.

A week later, on Sep. 3rd, our new lab apprentice Lara Purkathofer had her first day on the job.

On Oct. 1st Fabian Wiedemaier, our second new master student joined the group. He will advance the Rhenium chemistry. We wish all of them a good and successful time in our group.

Summer conferences 2018

Also this year the group members did some travelling. In August Mike, Niklas and Jörg joined our boss on a long distance trip to Sendai, Japan, for the International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC 2018). In September then, Jörg represented the group at the 7th EuCheMS Conference on Nitrogen Ligands in Lisbon, Portugal.


Stuhleck 2018

By the end of February it was time for a group ski day. Also this year we went to nearby Stuhleck to enjoy some time out of the lab in the fresh air.

New PhD student Madeleine

On Jan. 8th, Madeleine Ehweiner re-joined our group as our newest PhD student. She will keep working with acetylene, but switch the metal to Molybdenum. Let's see what happens.

Madeleine Ehweiner, MSc.

On Friday, Sep. 29th, Madeleine successfuly defended her Master Thesis. She was examined by her supervisor Prof. N. C. Mösch-Zanetti and Prof. R. Breinbauer from TU. Prof. F. Belaj was presiding over the commitee. Congratulations Madeleine!

New and old coworkers

On Sep. 4th 2017 Tanja Scheer began her apprenticeship in our group. We are happy to have her here and wish her all the best for the next 3.5 years. On the same day Isabel Fuchs also returned to take over the reign again at the office after her baby break. Welcome back Isabel!

Top of Austria

On Aug. 30th of 2017, after a two day ascent through not optimal weather, Niklas reached the summit of Austria's highest mountain, the Großglockner, at 3789 m (12461 ft). Congratulations to the successful summit!

Michi starts his MSc. thesis

On July 3rd 2017 Michael Buchsteiner rejoined the group and started working on his MSc. project. He will stay on our W project and work together with Carina and Madeleine. 

Conferences 2017

This year we did a bit of trevelling to international conferences. Niklas started the conference season by attending the Gordon Research Conference on "Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms" in March in Galveston, Texas.

Shortly thereafter Stefan took off for the ACS Spring Meeting in San Francisco, California.

In July, Jörg and Mike followed by attending the 4th EuCheMS Inorganic Chemistry Conference EICC-4 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

And finally, Niklas, Melanie, Mike and Jörg attended the Austrian Chemietage 2017 in September in Salzburg, Austria.

Guest student from Serbia

06.03.2017 Miljan joins the group

Also this year we are hosting a visiting Erasmus student from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Miljan Corovic will stay with us for 6 months and work towards his Master degree on our W project.

28.02.2017 Krapfen Tasting

On the occasion of the carneval season, and to answer the presing question, who makes the best Krapfen, we decided to do a highly scientific Krapfen tasting. 13 different sources of Krapfen were sampled. Here are the top three:

1st place: Spar

2nd place: Hofer

3rd place: Billa


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